SN2:EP3 “On Being in Jeff Simmermon’s Apt. When He’s Not There”

SN2:EP3 “On Being in Jeff Simmermon’s Apt. When He’s Not There”

I’m releasing this on a Saturday morning just to see what happens. It feels right to me. Herein is a tiny documentary on what it’s like to be in a friend’s apartment when they’re not there. Followed by me and @JeffSimmermon talking about: people who don’t wring out the kitchen sponge; getting way deep into the nature of storytelling (he helps coach me through an impossibly climax-less story I keep insisting on telling). He comes over and cooks me the mushrooms I helped watch for him one weekend in March.

Jeff’s a real heavyweight and it was an honor to have him on. He’s “a storyteller, standup, and the guy behind “‘And I Am Not Lying,‘ a variety show that combines stand-up, storytelling, burlesque, sideshow and music on the second Friday of every month at UCB East.”

He’s won a bunch of Moth StorySLAMS, And you may recognize him from stories on This American Life, The Moth’s podcast, and some things he’s written for  The Paris Review Daily. (I pretty much just ripped that off from his website.)

He also teaches a storytelling class that actually gets going tomorrow, Sunday, June 5th. “It’s a six-week workshop for experienced comics and storytellers, to teach the structure and technique of comedic storytelling.” If you’re interested go to his site and contact him at

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Regardless, we’re at Check us out there for more details. To hear about music used in the show and check out the artists that make this thing sound alive. Also @yarnworthpod on twitter.Oh and at the end of the show I play one of the stories he told on the moth. With thanks and attribution to the moth podcast there. That’s from their show on the week of August 5th, 2015. Go there.

Next week on the show is Tim Racine who comes up with a potential new name for the show. He’s a solid, funny dude and I had a great time walking around the park with him.